Sebago Lake

Sebago Lake, located in the state of Maine is the second largest lake in all of Maine, and is very deep, up to 316 feet at its deepest point. Sebago Lake is 12 miles long and has a shoreline of about 105 miles. Sebago Lake is a very popular destination for vacationers as well as home owners who are looking to spend time in a beautiful and natural environment. The lake itself is actually bordered by many different towns including Casco, Naples, Raymond, Sebago, Standish, and Windham. Each of these towns offer something different in terms of culture and housing. Sebago Lake is a very important lake to the Portland water district because it is its main water supply. The Portland water district serves the Portland area as well as a small portion of the state of Maine. Many avid fishers love to visit Sebago Lake due to the fact that there is a wide array of all types of fish in the lake. Some of the different types of fish residing in Sebago Lake include land-locked salmon and smelt. Brook trout can also be found, along with lake trout, smallmouth bass, brown trout, northern pike, and loudmouth bass.

  • 30513 acres
  • 107 ft. mean depth
  • 316 ft. maximum depth

Sebago Lake was called the “Queen of the Inland Water”. Sebago means “great waters”.  Nathaniel Hawthorne called it the “Garden of Eden in his writings and found great solitude and freedom when spending time on its shores. The largest island on the lake is Frye Island.

Sebago Lake is comprised of several sections:

  • The Big Bay or Great Basin is five miles in width.
  • Jordan’s Bay is 2 miles in width.
  • The Basin is a small water body accessed from the south east end of Jordan Bay.
  • Lower Bay is a restricted area due to the PWD water supply intakes. In this area there is no swimming but boating is allowed. There is also a public boat launch in that area.

Many of the homes and condos located on the shoreline of Sebago Lake are rustic and extremely romantic. Sebago Lake regularly hosts weddings and honeymoons due to the fact that the surroundings are just so beautiful. There are trees and forests as far as the eye can see and the view of the lake is magnificent. Sebago Lake is truly a sight to behold and this is the reason why so many people clamor to visit and own homes in the area. During the summers, Sebago Lake is full of fun water activities to do and during the winters, Sebago Lake is full of snowmobiling, skiing, and even ice-fishing. Sebago Lake is truly a great place to call home!